Single Raise Solutions

CrowdPay  Compliance and Regulations, a one-of-a-kind equity crowdfunding rules designed to let you configure your equity crowdfunding portal exactly as you see fit. CrowdPay is also the only provider that lets you conduct offerings for all the national, intrastate, and international rules, all at the same time, on the same portal.

The investments shown directly below can be built according to the specific rules of each offering, which can chosen from the options in Compliance and Regulations. Contact us to learn more about our ability to build a portal that meets your exact compliance requirements..

Publicly visible and shareable deals, Offline Escrow,  Docusign, Self Accreditation, traditional payment, and open Deal Room Access.

Publicly visible or shareable deals,  Online Escrow, Online document signing, Online payment, Offline payment,  Investor Accreditation income and net worth Verification and open Deal Room Access.

NOT Publicly visible or shareable deals, Offline / online docs Traditional and Online payment, Owner Approval and open Deal Room Access.

Configured for integrated Docusign and traditional payment methods,  Admin approval of uploaded document (accreditation or other forms of approval)

NOT Publicly visible or shareable deals, Docusign, Traditional Payment Method, State Profile Restriction, Address Verification to invest, open Deal Room. (using NJ as apresentation)