SPV/Fund Formation

  • Form limited liability company (“LLC”) or limited partnership (“LP”) entity and hire registered agent
  • Prepare SPV/VC fund documentation
  • Perform a cursory examination of the portfolio company investment documents
  • Obtain a United States Federal Tax Identification Number
  • File a foreign entity registration in the applicable state
  • Optional: Form series LLC or LP structures to provide for scalability and additional savings

Securities Filings

  • File notice of the SPV/fund’s offering(s) with the SEC
  • Complete any applicable blue sky state filings

Fund Administration

  • Pay ongoing SPV fund expenses including the following:
    1 Taxes and registration of the entity in the state of organization
    2 Any taxes, registered agent fee, annual reporting fee, or similar amounts owed
    3 Any other expenses properly incurred/
  • Receive and remit to investors any distributions
  • Assist representing the SPV fund in decisions related to the investment in the Company and the Investors per direction from clients and/or third party advisors

Tax and K-1 Services