In contemporary times, new laws have been written in the United States, which have revolutionized the ways different types of businesses raise capital funds. The JOBS Act gave companies new ways to raise money from the public while furnishing the investors to try our newer avenues to trade these investments.

Using CrowdPay’s software platform, companies can now legally raise money from general public in an easier and hassle-free way. CrowdPay is a “white label” solution provider. All of our services are licensed and operated by CrowdPay but made available to you and your customers under your domain and branding.

Our team comprises of members from a diverse background: from technology, start-ups, and online marketing to provide with a wholesome solution to all your issues. With a mission to drive the crowdfunding technology towards its pinnacle, we excel in building the software and maintaining the hardware, project managers, support teams, developers, and security so that you can launch your own portal much faster and cheaper than building it yourself.