ID Verification


ID and User Validation

NetVerify technology enables you to interact with your website visitors as if they were standing right in front of you. From a customer perspective, NetVerify offers a better investor experience by enabling them to perform traditionally high-risk transactions quickly and easily via online or mobile-based channels.

Comprehensive ID Verification

Our process uses a range of technologies: algorithms, image forensics and document experts to detect anomalies and ensure that an ID is legitimate and hasn’t been manipulated. Our comprehensive ID verification is typically completed in about 60 seconds, providing you with the security assurance you need, and the anytime, anywhere needs of your end users.

Great user experience

Online ID Verification provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that takes less than a minute to complete. We can auto-detect ID edges, and automatically auto-crop and rotate a scanned ID image regardless of the angle a user is holding their ID.

Save money

Validate and extract info from IDs at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Eliminate the costs of manual document handling.

Reduce fraud potential

Documents are scanned and validated using proprietary computer vision technology. If the document is fake or tampered with, NetVerify will catch it.


Our service runs 24/7 and verifies three different types of credentials and document issued by over 100 countries.


All data is transmitted and stored securely using 256 bit encryption. NetVerify adheres to strict 24/7 system monitoring standards.

Cross Platform

Our online ID verification works with most any web browser, tablet and webcam. If your investors computer is not equipped with a webcam we also provide for manual upload of the document image.


Each successful scan comes with digital documentation to meet your business process requirements.

Fits Your Business Process

You determine what information and form of ID or document to request and at which point in your investing process you wish to validate your customer’s credentials.