Crowdfunding Portals

When we say turnkey portals, we mean it. CrowdPay excels in handling new projects like no one else in the business. This is proved by our superior technology that allows us to customize our software tailored to your needs. Our truly brilliant and client-friendly system architecture never fails to furnish you with tons of out-of-the-box options. Furthermore, our platform has been designed to put customization according to client’s needs before graphics to allow you launch your portal faster. Contact us today to learn more.

Portal Features

Setup Projects

Your users can create investments with custom levels, quantities, and everything will be managed automatically by the software.

Pre-Written Email templates

We have even take care of all the automated emails that happen during the course of a project. for you!

Fixed or Flexible Funding

Enable or disable both to offer different crowdfunding models

Social / Viral Ready

Single Sign on for FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and integrated with 200+ social networks from day one.

Secure Payment Services

PCI Compliant with Credit Card Payment Gateways and ACH, including custom integrations

Email Templates

Your site is already set-up with all needed system emails which are editable, draft FAQ’s and sophisticated timed emails based on project activities.
integrated with Constant Contacts and mail Chimp

Redundant Cloud Hosting

Forget running our own servers, forget server, we run everything on the cloud With daily backups on Microsoft Azure cloud network, your work is safe AND scaleable

Mobile & Responsive Designs

Your crowdfunding Portal is ready to work on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Why White Label?

With CrowdPay, you aren’t forced into a box. We build Custom Crowdfunding portals. There are already hundreds of options that will let your site stand out on the web, more importantly, we ENCOURAGE your custom features. Want a new unique business model? New Language? New custom theme? No problem.

Purchasing our white-label crowdfunding software will drastically lower the expenses of developing a custom system from scratch. Securing a reputable team with a solid track record to develop your own crowdfunding solution would cost you at least $100,000.00 or more (not to mention the “headache” factor!).

Purchasing our white-label crowdfunding simplifies life by removing the need to costs and time needed run and maintain your own system over time. Ongoing expenses such as servers, licenses, technical experts, programmers, maintenance and security all add up quickly. Let CrowdPay handle it for you.

CrowdPay’s white-label solution lets you leverage our fully developed and powerful portal at a fraction of the cost of building your own. No need to hire programmers or pull your existing resources off current projects.

Finding a good development team that can deliver on time and within budget is a challenge, to say the least. A project of this magnitude requires dedicated and specialized team, which is why most organizations avoid custom development projects. By using CrowdPay, risk is practically eliminated so you can focus on your business instead of wasting time and resources trying to be a software company.

Time is Money. CrowdPay lets you launch in days instead of months or years.

Amazing Investor Support

Firmly dedicated to the success of your crowdfunding portal, our small yet expert team helps you to launch your custom portal in much lesser time required by a typical built-out process. Use our expertise to get started today!

CrowdPay Benefits

100% Customizable

With CrowdPay, you shall have 100% in deciding your portal’s look, feel, and features. There are hundreds of customization options to choose from, which shall keep you ahead in the race always. Furthermore, if you think there is/are some features which are amiss in our portal, simply let us know and we shall try our best to implement the same. We promise to cater to all your services and build the perfect portal suited to your needs without the costs and hassles that takes for a typical crowdpaying portal to set up.


One of our best features is that we help you to launch a custom crowdfunding portal much faster than the other typical portals, and with much lesser lower and upfront costs. Crowdpay is a brilliant turnkey—all you need to do is customize it yourself or have us do it on behalf of you. So, why bear the server headaches, software coding, security updates, and testing when you can launch your entire software portal and be in business just in a day!

Powerful Admin Backend

After setting up your own portal, you can manage your entire crowdfunding portal’s activities through our well-equipped Administrative backend. So, manage end-users, projects, campaigns, contributors, finances and more with the hundreds of options we offer to build a custom portal. You can also easily view financial statistics, trends, and much more. We have a great “guided tour” that assures an even faster launch and help you build your own portal. All you need to do the same is just check some boxes and connect to a payment provider. Apart from all these, we also provide you with numerous attractive templates to start with.

The Only Crowdfunding Software You’ll Ever Need

Compliance Platform

– SEC, FINRA, & Broker Dealer compliant
– Reg A+, Reg D 506(b) & 506(c), Reg CF, Fund, Intrastate, and International Compliance ready
– Self-accreditation, Uploaded accreditation, 3rd party services
– Online escrow, online payments, online signing


We have a fully integrated digital signature service. We even timestamp and record the IP address of every single digital signature your customized forms, compliance forms, or contracts and agreements from Docusign and other providers. Along with this, CrowdPay also lets you automate, capture and store online documents with ease and full security.


With our superior crowdpaying technology, you can now choose when and where you want to verify your investors’ ability to invest on the portal. We have got numerous methods to accredit investors using our built-in features or third party accreditation services (self-accreditation, accreditation services and uploaded accreditation).

SEC/FINRA Compliant

CrowdPay has been through a FINRA review and is ready for your Broker-Dealer business or otherwise. Have a record of every activity, communication, and change made to your portal with serialized change and activity logs.

Digital Documents, Digitial Signatures

– Built-in E-Signatures for critical forms
– Docusign Integration
– FundAmerica E-Sig Integration

Bad Actor Checks

If required, we also let you check issuers and investors for being bad actors using trusted third party solutions.

ID Validation

We also recognize and verify IDs, driver’s licenses and passports in more than hundred countries for KYC purposes.

Custom Forms

You can now choose your sponsors to fill out a submission form request and ask investors to provide solid custom data. All you need to do for the same is ask us—we shall collect it for you to export it any time.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

You can now choose from ID Validation, Suitability questionnaires, uploaded document requirements, and more.

Anti-Money laundering (AML) Checks

With our specialized tools and third party services, you can now conduct AML checks both traditionally as well as automatically!

Residency Requirements

You can now choose to show your investments to the residents of certain states or countries, allow them to self-certify their residency of a jurisdiction, or even upload a passport or driver’s license.

Cool-Off Periods

Require new users to wait X days before viewing an investment.

Issuer Features

Project Setup Wizard

Issuer Dashboard

Investment Photo Gallery

Bad Actor Checks

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Anti-Money laundering (AML) Checks

Document Management

Track investor information

Investment updates

Issuer Features

Watch Lists

Investors can “watch” a project and then view it under their Investor dashboard under “Watchlist”. Also, as an option, any public updates posted to the project will be sent to all followers.

Post comments / Ask Questions

Investors can post comments if allowed and ask questions for the Issuer which he may answer publicly or privately.

Investment Dashboard

Complete Investment reporting dashboard, track what investments you’ve made, how they are performing, related documents and earnings payments.

Investment Profiles

Investors can have multiple investment profiles, including individual, entity and custodial profiles. Navigating and choosing your current profile is clear and easy, and confirmed prior to making any investment to avoid confusion.